Vaccination against COVID-19: the French generally have more confidence in the European Union and the communities than in the State

If there is one subject that occupies the minds of the French at the moment, it is vaccination against covid-19. Hoping to put an end to the pandemic that has been going on for more than a year now, but also having doubts about its effectiveness, its effects and the underlying stakes, vaccination is questioning the confidence of the French as to the institutions involved in its deployment.

The subject of vaccination against COVID-19 is “worrisome” for a large number majority of French people (77% including 35% of French people for whom this subject “worries them a lot”). A sign of the omnipresence of this subject, this concern crosses the minds of French people regardless of their age, socio-professional categories or political orientation.

Among the main findings of the study, the distrust of the French towards the State (54%), pharmaceutical companies (49%) and the “other” (50%) is evident. On the other hand, respondents trust primarily healthcare professionals (80%) and local authorities (69%).

These levels of trust hide strong disparities in terms of political sympathy. LREM supporters, and to a lesser extent PS, EELV and LR, declare a greater trust in all the institutions tested. RN, LFI supporters and people with no partisan preference, on the other hand, declare a much weaker trust in all institutions, and more particularly in pharmaceutical laboratories, the State or large companies.

Finally, we note that differences are more marked in terms of age than according to the social category of respondents. Thus, the younger generations declare a higher level of trust than their elders in associations and NGOs, while the older French people are particularly confident in local institutions such as healthcare professionals and local authorities.

Jean Daniel Lévy, Managing Director of Harris Interactive Political Strategies & Opinion: “The lack of trust in individuals is a novelty that can also be found in other opinion studies on other issues. This recent and serious trend raises questions about the sustainability of the principle of national solidarity”.

Mathieu Collet, CEO of Euros / Agency Group: “In a context of very lively debates on vaccination strategy, health professionals are doing extremely well with an extremely high level of confidence. The proximity of local authorities is also a clear advantage, as is the fabric of SMEs. The European Union, which plays a major role, is also less distrustful than the State, except at the extremes (LFI, RN), which show a greater distrust of all public institutions. This first wave of our study also reveals a surprising level of mistrust of LREM/MoDem supporters towards citizens, even though the latter give strong credit to all institutions.”


This study is part of a series initiated by the Euros Agency Group. The monthly Harris Interactive – Euros / Agency Group barometer will focus on measuring the confidence of the French in institutions (European Union, State, local authorities, NGOs, companies…) based on a topical theme.


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