Snap Inc is part of the select few global, and highly-esteemed startups which currently provides several services and products: Snapchat, Spectacles, Bitmoji, Zenly. This Californian company can boast having revolutionised the manner in which images are taken and shared, as well as having paved the way for other businesses, organisations and even media to seize these new means of communications.

Euros / Agency can share that it is now supporting Snap Inc. in framing its relationship with public authorities both in France and Brussels, and is working on aspects related to promoting and fostering the regulatory structure.

With Snap Inc, Euros / Agency can now proudly count four technology game-changers among its customers, with the three others namely being, Deliveroo and Txfy. In fact, and Deliveroo’s leaders recently participated in the ‘Tech for Good Summit’ with French President Emmanuel Macron, with the support of Euros / Agency.

The agency now possesses one of the most prestigious client portfolios as well as solid expertise, in Paris and Brussels, in terms of assisting innovation in its entrepreneurial, technological and societal steps.

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