Since January 2014 Euros / Agency developed the “Young Ambassador” Project, together with Mayotte local authority and other local partners. Fifteen young people from Mayotte, who have been selected through a big competition taking place around the island, came to Brussels in March to discover the European institutions. The objective of the project is simple: see how this new belonging to the EU can help to answer the youth’s real concerns, such as mobility, education, jobs, and therefore fast-track the development of the island. Back in Mayotte, these young people speak of their European experience, at the eve of the European elections.

Euros / Agency is involved at each stage of the project in Mayotte, Paris, and Brussels, from cradle to crave. This includes:

  • Global strategy, i.e. developing the positioning, key messages and time sequences (contest, visit and restitution).
  • Project management, i.e. programming, stakeholders’ participation, budgeting and realization.
  • Communications through the realization and broadcasting of adequate contents, press office management and online communication (including social networks).

Euros / Agency is committed to this project, with a great deal of enthusiasm, for these young ambassadors may one day become real ambassadors, i.e. bridges between the island and the European Continent. This project puts the spotlight on these under-20 year olds of Mayotte, which already represent half of the island population, and without whom no sustainable development of Mayotte will ever be possible.

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