This year, European insitutions’ leaders – including Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Parliament President Antonio Tajani and Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier – made remarks on major challenges of European integration for citizens. In a long-awaited speech, Michel Barnier outlined the EU’s priorities in Brexit negotiations, that are about to kick off. The “off” discussions focused on the election of Emmanuel Macron as new French President, an opportunity to relaunch European integration.


In order to increase the event’s visibility within the political and media circles in Brussels, the Institute retained a communications agency for the first time, reaching out  to Euros / Agency based on their track record in public and press relations in the European capital. The Institute also entrusted Euros / Agency with the coordination of a privatised and specially chartered flight thanks to a partnership with Brussels Airlines, during which the EU Commissioner for Transport gave a special in-flight speech.


Euros/Agency worked hard in the months leading up to the conference to make sure The State of the Union would be coverage widely by European media. This goal was achieved and the event was mentioned in +100 articles worldwide (beyond the Italian press), with many quotes from speakers and experts. Let’s wait for the next challenge…

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