Euros / Agency Territoires is the entity of the group dedicated to territorial influence. It is aimed at companies or interest groups seeking to influence decisions emanating from local authorities or to position themselves in relation to public procurement.

With the end of the accumulation of mandates, the pursuit of decentralisation represents real growth opportunities for companies. Euros / Agency Territoires has a dedicated team to support its clients in their relationship with local elected officials, their cabinets, the high territorial civil service, and more broadly the local public authorities.

Monitoring & analyzing

We identify the decision-makers and the arguments that weigh in the public debate. We analyse the major sectoral issues facing our clients. We elucidate online conversations and detect weak signals to enable leaders to make the right decisions, quickly.

Building storytelling

We draw inspiration from the most impactful stories in our clients’ industries, and beyond. We transcribe the vision of our leaders and the raison d’être of their organizations into compelling and memorable speeches. We adapt these stories to the expectations of the company’s various audiences.

Building awareness

We coach leaders to prepare them for media and public speaking. We work with journalists and relevant opinion leaders to give credibility and value to the performance and commitments of organisations. We are driven by the obligation of results.

Protecting reputation

We analyze and deploy organizations’ crisis procedures. This audit work enables us to prepare companies and their managers for the most sensitive situations by defining tailor-made crisis management training programmes. We advise them and manage their media relations in the event of an open crisis.


Media relation
Risk prevention
Consulting & editorial production
Media Training & speach training
Crisis management
Campaigns of influence
  • Identification and animation of a community of influential journalists 
  • Newsjacking strategy
  • Management of corporate announcements
  • Positioning of leaders (forums, conferences, etc.)
  • Audit of organizations and risk mapping
  • Creation of crisis procedures / Optimization of existing systems
  • Development of crisis messages
  • Stress simulation exercises for management committees
  • Definition of a corporate editorial approach 
  • Coordination of an editorial committee in conjunction with the marketing departments.
  • Production of editorial calendars 
  • Development of information content and tools
  • Training of steering committees in media speaking skills
  • Advice on choice of words and posture Intervention of high-level journalists
  • Preparation for speaking in crisis and sensitive situations
  • 24/7 availability
  • Advising on strategic crisis decision-making
  • Monitoring key allies and detractors
  • Identification of weak signals and aggravating factors
  • Strategic planning: trend and opinion analysis
  • Idea: campaign theme, manifesto and creative hook
  • Definition of the graphic universe and creation of the campaign tools

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