Stationord is the transformation project of the Gare du Nord planned for 2024, financed by SA Gare du Nord 2024, a mixed economy company composed of SNCF Gare & Connexions and Ceetrus. In a climate of criticism of the project from elected officials and associations and before the delivery of the building permit and the beginning of the works on the site, Euros / Agency Group accompanies Stationord in its communication and public affairs strategy.


  • Global construction of Stationord’s communication strategy.
  • Consulting in crisis communication.
  • Realization of a meeting plan for Stationord’s representatives with key local elected officials and government cabinets.
  • Production of proactive language to promote the Stationord project and reactive language to address opponents’ criticisms.
  • with recognized experts on urban issues (historian, urban planner)
  • Production of content addressed to the general public in collaboration with youtubers.



  • Issuance of the building permit
  • Formalization of language elements in different formats.
  • Strengthening of Stationord’s influence with the government and local elected officials in the Paris region.
  • Development of a more positive image of the project, highlighting the commitments.

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