Euros / Agency officially becomes a member of the Fédération des Entreprises d’Outre Mer (FEDOM), which brings together the main economic players in the French Overseas Territories.

The aim of this merger is to strengthen the action of both entities in the service of the sustainable economic development of these territories, by helping to make companies’ interests better heard in consultation with their partners, primarily the local authorities. The challenge is to act more effectively to adapt national and European rules to local eco-systems through concerted action in Paris and Brussels. It is also a question of promoting the wealth of the overseas territories, first and foremost human, and the assets they represent for the Republic and the European Union.

Mathieu Collet, President of Euros / Agency, says:

“Our close association with FEDOM, whom we share its open spirit and honesty, is a further step in the development of our activities. Our team has forged a unique expertise on ultramarine issues in recent years, particularly at the European level and even more so in Mayotte. FEDOM has established itself as a key and effective player in defending the interests of companies from Outre-Mer. We wish to contribute to this by bringing to it the dynamism, the rigour, the strength of our networks and the mastery of the current codes of influence recognized by the partners we work with. It is simply a question of being better together and creating value for territories that are subject to strong constraints but which are full of assets.”

For Jean-Pierre Philibert, President of FEDOM,

“This alliance with the new generation of consultants will strengthen the expertise and influence of the overseas economic sector, particularly in the field of training, investment and research-innovation. This partnership will be particularly useful in Mayotte, especially in view of the upcoming discussions on the law that will succeed LODEOM. With this in mind, we will symbolically begin our consultations with the 5th DOM, starting next Monday, June 29th”

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