Julien brings over 20 years of experience in the public, parapublic and private sectors and in public affairs consulting, particularly in the real estate sector. Euros / Agency thus reinforces its consulting task force, which today relies on a team of some sixty experts in four business areas: Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy (PA), European Affairs (EUPA), Corporate Communication and Crisis (CORP) and Brand Communication (BRAND).

For Mathieu Collet: “For the past 3 years, we have benefited from a very strong development, the result of a differentiating approach on the corporate communication market, combining communication and lobbying with a unique efficiency. The arrival of Julien will allow us to accelerate our deployment by structuring over the months a real offer of territorial influence. Our missions, in addition to Brussels and the national level where we have become a reference, also take us to the field with elected officials and local ecosystems. We meet this growing demand from companies with our criteria of excellence and Julien’s remarkable experience. These elements will allow us to go even further by assigning a dedicated team and correspondents throughout the French territory. For us, this is a third level of influence that is absolutely fundamental.

For Martin Wittenberg: “I am delighted to welcome the great professional that Julien is, who will bring all his experience to the service of our clients and our talents. His arrival is in line with the agency’s strategy of providing itself with high-level, versatile directors who are experts in their field and capable of carrying out cross-functional activities within the company“.


Julien Pontier Biography

Julien Pontier devoted the first part of his career to the public and parapublic sector. He worked alongside high -level elected officials (Jean Auroux, Michel Destot, Olivier Faure) and was successively Director of Cabinet of Patrick Bloche, Deputy-Mayor of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Daniel Delaveau, Mayor of Rennes, and François Pupponi, Deputy – Mayor of Sarcelles.

In 2015, he specialized in the housing sector by joining the Management Committee of a large national real estate network, one of the five families of the low-income housing movement. It was as part of these functions that he actively worked with the Social Union for Housing and more broadly with many actors in the housing sector.

Julien Pontier has taught constitutional law at the Sorbonne and leads seminars about territorial reform, local communication, and parliamentary lobbying at the Saint-Germain-en-Laye IEP.

He has a postgraduate degree in Political Science and a Licence in Public Law.

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