Within this framework, Euros / Agency directed rewriting projects in close cooperation with its partner web agency PepperCube. The perimeter was defined by Euros / Agency and required us to work with the following constraints:

Home page
  • A multilingual website: launched in French and in English, the website design had to anticipate the future addition of other languages (indeed, Meridiam has five international offices and is developing in several projects in OECD countries).
  • A “responsive design” format so that the website’s contents offer an optimized display no matter the equipment used or screen resolution (standard computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone).
The contents needed to reflect Meridiam’s evolution: from a new player in the investment field, it became a worldwide company with a stellar reputation and investments in tangible projects. The website’s structure was completely redesigned by Euros / Agency and is based on:
  • A concrete, achievements-focused content that bringing out key characteristics (geographical location, typology of projects, state of play, funds committed, etc.)
  • Highlighting the company news or that of its projects to facilitate the regular addition of content and enable collaborative updates.

Euros / Agency has worked in close cooperation with the web agency PepperCube which was involved at every stage of this project from the first scoping meeting to the validated delivery of the website (graphic choices, requirements validation, design mapping and models, bilingual texts delivery).

In total, this recasting project lasted three months.



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