Euros / Agency is now an active member of Bepact, the association of Belgian public affairs professionals, and of ECPA 2.0, which brings together young lobbyists in European affairs.


Bepact stands for “Belgian Public Affairs Community” and brings together public affairs professionals in Belgium, allowing them to share their knowledge and experience. Bepact’s purpose is to be a point of contact for public affairs in Belgium. The association, created in 2016, has among other things drawn up a Charter of Ethical Conduct that provides public affairs professionals with a clear framework within which to operate. The Charter is based on three main principles: transparency, integrity and respect.

Euros / Agency joined Bepact in 2017 and is a proud signatory of its Charter of Ethical Conduct, as we strongly believe in promoting the important deontological rules and the values stated in the Charter.


ECPA 2.0

The European Centre for Public Affairs 2.0 (ECPA 2.0) is a forum for young professionals to meet, discuss topics of mutual interest and share best practices in the evolving landscape of EU public affairs. The forum was created in early 2008 by several young professionals who wanted to exchange ideas and brainstorm about the future of EU affairs. The aim of ECPA 2.0 is to provide of discussion on the public affairs practices in the European Union.

Tanguy Laudelout has been a member of ECPA 2.0 since 2015, Agata Pawenta since 2018.



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