As an IT industry leader, known primarily for its expertise in database management, Oracle needed to implement a high-level influence strategy to defend its position as a rising cloud infrastructure and solutions provider. Faced with fierce competition on the market, Oracle wanted to be identified as a thought leader on data security as digital sovereignty crystallized – and still crystallizes – the debate.


Defining a global influence strategy, allowing Oracle to reach key decision makers, experts and high-level stakeholders to effectively get its message across.
Contributing to government and parliamentary working groups and legislative and regulatory frameworks.
Engaging with leading journalists and think tanks to spread Oracle’s messages.


Relationships of trust with key politicians and high-level government officials, some of whom now frequently call on Oracle’s expertise as a cloud services provider.
Increased visibility in the French Tech ecosystem.
Participation in the main digital events organized in France (Tech4Good, VivaTech, International Cybersecurity Forum – FIC).
Identification as a thought leader in the cloud and cybersecurity fields.
Health Data Services certification in 2020.

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