Founded in 2007 in Israel by Yoni Assia, eToro’s ambition is to democratize access to private investment through a platform that functions like a social network. The company has 10 million users worldwide and offers investments in traditional assets (stocks, commodities, currencies) and in crypto-assets. In France, eToro gathers a large community but suffers from a lack of notoriety and its reputation has been damaged several times, especially due to a hostile media environment towards crypto-currencies. In this context, Euros / Agency Group’s mission is to increase eToro’s visibility in France, to establish its reputation and to protect its reputation with the main stakeholders in its activity.



The communication strategy implemented by Euros / Agency Group is based on two main pillars:

  • Educating on retail investing and its benefits: Euros / Agency Group angles its communication on the power rendered by eToro to retail investors to freely dispose of their resources and enjoy the benefits of financial markets.
  • Raising the debate on crypto-currencies: Euros / Agency Group invites a general awareness on the potential offered by crypto-currencies and their consequences on the financial services industry.
  • The strategy implemented is global and extends beyond media relations, including marketing actions and the establishment of an international advisory board to support the company’s development.



  • 136 impressions obtained
  • 10 influential journalists following eToro’s news
  • Participation and/or organization of 5 major events (financial services and blockchain)

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