CHALLENGES, as a new player in the established hospitality market, had to deal with conflicting relationships with both the government and hoteliers, although they are essential partners. The company also had to choose an attractive positioning towards new entrants in this highly competitive market.


  • Euros / Agency Group has been accompanying since 2013 in its public affairs, corporate and consumer communication strategy.
  • The agency has implemented a strategy proposing to open a new chapter in the relationship between the platform and its partners
  • In terms of communication, our agency also proposed and deployed a strategy based on the notion of customer experience
  • Highlighting the most unusual accommodations of the platform, even creating ephemeral accommodations for some campaigns
  • This strategy was also based on the implementation of a project with influencers in order to develop a positive and modern imagination around the brand.


  • Signing of a best practice charter with the main hotel union, significantly contributing to the improvement of the relationship between and its partners
  • Regular meetings and exchanges with representatives from over 50 cities and 12 regions
  • Invitation of Gillian Tans, CEO of to Tech For Good on the initiative of the President of the Republic and of the Interministerial Committee of Tourism on the initiative of the Prime Minister
  • Organization of an annual press conference with more than 75 journalists
  • Creation of an unusual chocolate accommodation that generated a media equivalent

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