Thibaut Salves

Senior Adviser

Thibaut is a senior adviser in the BRAND division of Euros / Agency Group. Curious and with the constant appetite to learn more, Thibaut has accompanied various companies in several sectors, ranging from start-ups to international groups. He has thus developed an expertise in media relations and in product and image communication strategies. 


Thibaut started his career at Hopscotch in the Broadcast division (TV/Radio). He continued at Cap & Cime where he mainly worked for tech companies and advised them on their media communication strategy for over a year. 


After a year and a half in Australia to perfect his English and travel, Thibaut came back to Paris to work at BCW. 


For almost 4 years, he worked with major tech companies such as Facebook, Samsung and YouTube. Moreover, during this experience, Thibaut was able to evolve in different sectors. First of all, fashion, since he accompanied the product communication of the brands Celio and Courir. But also new real estate (QUARTUS) and old real estate (l’Adresse), by advising managers on social issues. Finally, he has worked in the tourism sector, supporting in its influence strategy, and in the sports sector, collaborating with Bridgestone on its Olympic Partnership. 


Thibaut holds a Master 2 in Communication and Interactive Media from INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux and is fluent in English.

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