Sarah Mezouar

Associate Director
Sarah has been Associate Director of Euros / Agency Africa since 2019 and manages the agency’s Corporate matters. Passionate about matters of reputation and corporate image, she supported businesses and leaders in the redeployment of their image and the strengthening of their influence.

A graduate of EM Lyon Business School, Sarah began her career at McKinsey & Company where she advised large groups on various general management issues for almost 4 years. She then joined the OCP Group, as project manager in the Office of the President and CEO, providing detailed knowledge of the challenges and operations specific to Moroccan companies. Finally, before taking on the associate management of Euros / Agency Africa, Sarah worked for an Investment Holding company in the launching and monitoring of projects in the Industry, Education and Environment sectors. With this diversity of backgrounds, Sarah is keen to include a holistic vision of the organization for all of the clients she advises.
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