Sarah Machkor


Passionate about reputation, influence and image, Sarah joined the BRAND department.

Sarah first started her career in the influence department of TBWA/Corporate, where she developed her expertise in corporate and lifestyle communication, working with French and international companies in different fields (entertainment, tourism, energy, digital), and also with associations and foundations.

She was involved in the management of the corporate and lifestyle communication of the French TV show “On n’est pas couché”, the support of Sonatrach in its strategic corporate and social reorganization, the digital transformation of PagesJaunes, the launch in France of the Youth program for Google and the influence campaigns for le Carillon or la Fondation des Femmes.

Graduated with a Master Consulting and Expertise in Communication from the Research Institute of the University of Bordeaux-Montaigne, Sarah has joined in 2021 the French association for the United Nations, where she is in charge of events organization and communication development.

After a humanitarian mission in Beirut, Sarah decided to join Euros / Agency Group to use her experience, skills and creativity.

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