Pierre Chevalier

Junior Adviser

With a strong interest in French political life, Pierre is junior adviser in the PA division. 

He graduated from the University of Bordeaux with a Master’s degree in European Affairs. He continued his studies at the European Communication School (ECS) in Paris with a Master’s degree in Political Communication. 

In parallel to his university studies, Pierre became involved in politics. In charge of the political communication of a candidate, he ended up being elected municipal councilor in charge of youth in a town in the South-West of France. Before joining the PA division, he was also in charge of institutional and political affairs within the France Énergie Éolienne lobby as part of his end-of-studies internship. 

Passionate about sports, he had the opportunity to qualify for the French UNSS boxing championships in 2015 and the French jiujitsu-brazilian championships in 2020. 

For these reasons, he is in charge of energy and sport. 

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