Marie-Estelle Gontier

Senior Adviser

Marie-Estelle evolves within the EUPA department, where she supports her clients on mobility and energy transition issues.

Within the EUPA department, Marie-Estelle particularly follows topics related to sustainable and smart mobility. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of legislative dossiers and her expertise in European funding programs, Marie-Estelle provides strategic advice to her clients to achieve the twin environmental and digital transition of the sector. In addition to transport issues, Marie-Estelle also works on environmental policies and maintains a deep interest in challenges related to European citizenship and democracy. 

Before joining Euros / Agency Group, Marie-Estelle worked at the Representation of the Île-de-France region in Brussels where she developed a strong interest in European transport policy and learned about European funds.

Marie-Estelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and in Philosophy from the Institut Catholique de Paris. She then joined Sciences Po Strasbourg to do a double-master in European Politics and Public Affairs. Marie-Estelle spent a year at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow where she discovered Polish culture and traveled around Eastern Europe.

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