Léa Brunschwick

Junior Adviser

In an ongoing evolution world, Léa’s ambition is to put her skills at the service of the decision-making process of companies. 


With a double master’s degree in International Strategic Intelligence and Public Affairs (ILERI & IAE de Poitiers) as well as an MBA in Political and Influence Communication (EFAP), Léa joined the Corporate and Crisis team as a consultant to intervene on various issues. These include new technologies, the environment, etc., with a strong sensitivity dimension and a close integration with regulatory issues.


She works to advise and propose optimal solutions adapted to the aspirations and needs of clients. Given her position and her missions, Léa calls upon her skills to accompany her various clients in the development of their strategic vision. 


With her varied experiences as a strategic analyst at Safran – Defense Division and as a junior consultant in public relations at the Maarc agency, Léa had the opportunity to familiarize herself with various notions inherent to corporate strategy as well as with the multiple aspects of public relations.


Her career path is indicative of Léa’s personality, which is dynamic, curious, and conscientious.

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