Kenza Kanache

Account Director

With a solid knowledge of influence levers, Kenza has joined the Corporate and Crisis Communication department of Euros / Agency Group in order to define and ensure the implementation of clients’ communication strategies.

Previously, within the Influence division of TBWACorporate, Kenza has worked for nearly 4 years with companies and associations to protect and promote their reputation in France and abroad. There, she has been in  charge of the corporate and crisis communication of Google in France, the corporate and lifestyle communication for the Emirates airline, the international launch strategy for L’Oréal Brand Designer perfumes, as well as the influence campaigns for SOS Homophobie.

Prior to joining Euros/Agency Group, Kenza has worked at the independent agency, Marie Antoinette, where she helped develop the corporate division and the client portfolio of the agency.

With a background in political science, Kenza holds a Master’s degree in Political and Institutional Communication from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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