Grégoire Monin


At Euros / Agency Group, Grégoire benefits from a dual experience in both French and European Public Affairs.

Primarily involved in tech files, Grégoire has been closely monitoring developments on the European Union’s flagship twin digital regulations, the Digital Services and Markets Acts. More specifically, he has used his expertise to provide relevant advice in matters pertaining to competition in online markets, online content moderation and targeted advertising. 

In parallel, Grégoire has been increasingly advising his clients on online privacy and the European rules governing international data transfers, essentially revolving around the General Data Protection Regulation.

More recently, Grégoire has been extending his tech expertise to  financial services in which he focuses on new consumer credit practices.

Grégoire holds a bachelor’s degree in International Economics from University Paris-Dauphine and a master’s degree in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics & Political Science.

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