Alice Mérel

Senior Adviser

Bona fide European, Alice works within the EUPA department on digital and mobility issues.

As parliamentary assistant to a French MEP in Brussels, Alice has developed a strong interest in European affairs and issues related to the development of the internal digital market.

Within the Public Affairs Department of the PSA Group in Paris, she was notably in charge of lobbying on autonomous and connected vehicles. She particularly worked on the issues of vehicle access data and the development of MaaS and autonomous vehicles, at the French and European levels.

Within Euros / Agency Group, Alice works on subjects related to digital regulation and the development of clean and smart mobility. More precisely, she has accompanied different organizations on the issues of privacy and regulation of platforms and audiovisual content. She also accompanies different structures on subjects related to shared, autonomous and connected mobility and the European strategy for sustainable mobility.

Alice holds a master’s degree in European affairs from Sciences Po Lille. During her academic career, she did a one-year exchange at the University of Aarhus in Denmark

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