Albane Vannier


With a rich and diverse background in Europe and internationally, Albane works as a European public affairs adviser at Euros / Agency Group.

With her strong knowledge of European institutional and legislative processes, Albane provides strategic advice and content to her clients on European issues related to mobility, energy and agri-food. She has closely followed the latest developments of the European Climate Law and of the European Commission’s Climate Package, in particular files related to energy taxation, energy efficiency, and alternative fuels. Albane also works on issues of competition, state aid and sustainable finance. With her strong knowledge of European funds, she assists her clients in identifying relevant calls for proposals.

In parallel, Albane also works closely on European affairs related to health and international trade, and has a strong sense of strategic and digital communication. Following several professional experiences in public diplomacy, she keeps a deep interest in geopolitics and international security and cooperation issues.

As a graduate from the Université de Montreal and from ESPOL, Albane holds a bachelor’s degree in european political science and a master’s degree in public and international affairs. She has lived in France, Canada, Germany, and Belgium.

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