Orlane Soubeyrand


Orlane is an adviser in the Comms department of Euros / Agency Group. She joined the team in January 2023 with the ambition to provide her expertise in communication.

From the beginning of her professional career in the fashion industry, Orlane has developed a strong interest in press relations. Afterwards, by joining the agency Matriochka Influences, she was able to gain experience in lifestyle and corporate communication for two years. She has notably supported Uber Eats and Spotify, and has been able to work for companies from various sectors, which has allowed her to broaden her field of expertise.

At Euros / Agency Group, she dedicates her time to support the deployment of the communication strategies of her clients.

Orlane studied at the University Lumière Lyon 2 and has a bachelor’s degree in information-communication with an option in the field of culture, and a master’s degree in communication specialized in the fashion industry.


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