Lamiaa Bassim

Head of Euros / Agency Africa

With a capital of more than 12 years in the media world and more than 5 years in pan-African media, Lamiaa has developed a unique, intelligent and high value-added approach to business in Africa.

Of Moroccan nationality and African soul, Lamiaa began her career by creating and setting up a marketing and communication department within a leading Moroccan press group before moving on to business development and the establishment of win-win partnerships with her partners and clients in Africa and elsewhere.

Lamiaa has had the opportunity to build an important network through her rich encounters and accompaniment of the different stakeholders who make the economy of the continent; institutional, government representatives, private actors and opinion leaders.

Lamiaa joined Euros/Agency Africa as Development Director and has the mission to provide her network with an intelligent and high value-added approach to accompany them in the transformation of their communication.