Martin Wittenberg

Martin Wittenberg

Managing Director Partner

Martin joined Euros / Agency’s entrepreneurial venture in 2012 as an associate and head of the Brussels office, determined to shift the lines of communication and European public affairs.

Passionate about public action, Martin arrived in the European capital in 2008, having lived in France, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

He began his career at the press service of the Liberal Group in the European Parliament before working in a public affairs agency. At ease on both political and technical issues, he has led several communication and influence campaigns for international federations, associations, companies and public actors.

Engaged in civic life, he co-founded in 2013 a citizens’ initiative, which achieved the removal of roaming charges in Europe. A former radio columnist in France, he regularly publishes his views on political news and on the new economy. Since 2016, Martin has also taught European issues as a visiting professor at the Solvay Business School in Brussels.

A graduate of the London School of Economics (LSE) in Political Science, Martin also holds a Master’s degree in Management from the Kedge Business School.

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