Camille Emmanuelle

Camille Emmanuelle

Trends Adviser
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A journalist, author and prominent French figure in feminism, Camille brings to Euros / Agency her creative regard and ability to analyse social trends. Fully integrated into the Agency’s teams, she supports several clients in their communications and positioning strategies.

The author of four well-recognised essays on gender and sexuality including “Sexpowerment, sex liberates women (and men)”, Camille has become one of France’s most recognised experts in the field.

Regularly solicited by brands, general interest organisations and NGOs, she frequently appears in conferences and in major French and international media outlets to bring her innovative and unique regard as well as a positive and free conception of sexuality, gender relations, feminism and LGBT cultures.

Camille, who holds considerable communications experience from publishing houses and agencies, is particularly passionate about women’s sex education. In 2012, she co-founded the website “Cabinet de curiosités féminines”.

With degrees in literature and from Sciences Po Grenoble, she also has training in sex therapy.

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