Nathalie is a specialist in Overseas France and a former ministerial adviser from Reunion Island. During her professional career, she has overseen the management of many crises, including the one that shook French Guiana in 2017.

Nathalie began her career as Executive Director of the Association des Entretiens de l’Excellence, where she oversaw the organisation’s national development.

A researcher in sociology, she has taught the discipline and has led training courses in the sociology of networks and the sociology of inter-ethnic relations, of which she is an expert.  

She then joined the office of the Minister for Overseas France as a press and communications officer. She then climbed the ranks of ministerial cabinets in various positions before joining the Prime Minister’s Office as part of the team of heads of cabinet. She later became an advisor for veterans’ affairs at the State Secretariat for Defence. Finally, she held the positions of Head of Cabinet, Special Advisor in charge of strategy, and Director of Cabinet to Ericka Bareigts at the State Secretariat for Substantive Equality and then at the Ministry of Overseas France.

After working as an independent consultant in communication and public affairs with public and private actors in the overseas departments, she joined Euros / Agency as Director of Consulting. Committed to her community, she is president of a neighbourhood business centre in Boulogne Billancourt and vice-president of the Entretiens de l’excellence association.

Supported by a team of around ten employees, Nathalie will manage all of the agency’s overseas missions and will regularly visit the various territories. She will maintain a strong connection with clients and local teams and deploy the agency’s local branches, which already have an office in Cayenne headed by Stéphanie Chocho.



With a rare level of expertise on overseas policies at the local, national and European levels, Euros / Agency has chosen to perpetuate and strengthen this practice. The agency supports national and international companies in their specific challenges in these territories (image, reputation, relations with local decision-makers) as well as overseas public and private actors in their relations with national and European public authorities or the media. The agency has a permanent office in French Guiana and trusted partners in Mayotte, Reunion Island, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Martin Wittenberg, Executive Director, says:

“Since its creation, the Euros / Agency has been particularly involved in Overseas France, first in Mayotte, Reunion Island, then in French Guiana and in all of the territories. We have forged a unique level of expertise, in support of dominant actors at the national and European levels, or in local representation of national and international actors. I am delighted to welcome Nathalie, who will strengthen our expertise in all areas – political, economic, legal, project and sector management, media, and public financing – to offer our clients opportunities that they would not otherwise have been able to seize”.

For Mathieu Collet, founder and President of Euros / Agency:

The arrival of Nathalie, with whom we had often exchanged on behalf of our clients when she was head of the Minister’s office, marks our desire to do more for the Overseas Territories, which are full of assets that are too often overlooked. Beyond the growth of our client portfolio, this is a strong commitment. Our support can prove decisive thanks to our dynamism, our rigour, the strength of our networks and our mastery of current codes of influence“.