We develop, maintain and protect the reputation of leaders and their organizations. We design with them the storytelling that will enable them to emerge, convince and deliver their business objectives. We guide them in their strategic and sensitive operations.

The Corporate communication department is made up of experienced professionals from the consulting sector working hand in hand with other Euros / Agency Group teams. 

Emblematic example of integration of our different business lines, we are active across the board in developing strategies of influence where communication plays a key role. Our aim is to create and maintain the confidence of opinion leaders and investors for our clients. 

We lead a powerful ecosystem of journalists, economic decision-makers and civil society personalities whom we mobilise to support actions of influence, in Paris, the regions and in Brussels. 

We also advise senior management and their staff in the event of a crisis. Available 24/7, we help them reach decisive decisions and handle sensitive situations.

Listen to the ecosystem

We identify the opinion leaders and arguments that weigh in the public debate. We analyse the major sectoral issues, market developments and the interplay of players facing our clients. We decipher online conversations and detect weak signals to enable leaders to make the right decisions, quickly.

Build Awareness

We work with journalists and opinion leaders to give credibility and support organisations’ performance and commitments. We create opportunities to promote our clients in the media and their business communities. We help companies, NGOs and leaders to emerge to serve their business and citizen issues. We are driven by a culture of results.

Give strength to leaders

We coach leaders to prepare them for media and public speaking. We are at their side at all times to support and advise them in all phases of the life of their organisation: creation, launch, fund raising, investments, mergers and acquisitions, growth or even hypergrowth, restructuring, deployment of new services or products, innovation, etc.

Protect reputation

We analyze and deploy organizations’ crisis procedures. We prepare companies and their managers for the most sensitive situations by defining risk prevention and training programs for sensitive contexts. We advise them and manage their relations with stakeholders and the media in the event of an open crisis.


Reputational & strategic monitoring
Leaders consulting
Valuation with opinion leaders & business communities
Risk prevention
Media relations
Mediatraining & speaking training
Studies, surveys and prescriptive content
Crisis management (Dedicated unit)
  • Permanent on and offline media monitoring
  • Sectorial and Competitive Intelligence  
  • Mapping of online communities of influence
  • Full reputation audit and perception studies (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Communication strategies for fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, etc.
  • Creation and installation of advisory boards
  • Corporate strategies to support change and transition
  • Speech Writing
  • Mediation or negotiation assistance task force (trade unions and IORPs, settlements, non-commercial partnerships, etc.).
  • Positioning in key conferences and events (Davos, CES Las Vegas, Women’s Forum, Tech for Good, VivaTech, etc.). 
  • Identification of trade unions, professional associations, economic circles and membership strategy
  • Investor and financial community communication
  • Audit of organizations and risk mapping
  • Creation of crisis procedures and optimization of existing systems
  • Development of crisis messages
  • Stress simulation exercises for management committees
  • Identification and animation of a community of influential journalists 
  • Management of corporate announcements
  • Newsjacking actions
  • Positioning of leaders (interviews, portraits, reports, etc.)


  • Individual coaching for speaking in real conditions
  • Formation of steering committees 
  • Collective training courses for local and international managers and representatives
  • Preparation for speaking in crisis and sensitive situations
  • Conducting and disseminating surveys and trend studies
  • Creation of think tanks, university chairs, etc.
  • Partnerships and production of studies and reports with think tanks and universities
  • Writing and publication of op-eds
  • Monitoring of key allies and detractors, identification of weak signals and aggravating factors
  • Crisis press office: preparation of press releases and management of relations with journalists
  • Specialised units for social, health and judicial crises
  • 24/7 availability in case of crisis
  • Post-crisis action plan

The team

Kenza Remaoun

Partner, Head of the CORP Department

Kenza Kanache

Account Manager

Pauline Rivière

Senior Adviser

Juliette Françaix

Senior Adviser

Joséphine Reneaume

Senior Adviser

Benjamin Le Pan


Léa Brunschwick

Junior Adviser

Capucine de Rivoire

Junior Adviser

Alexis Leclerc–Dalmet

Junior Adviser

Olivia Rouby

Junior Adviser
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