To support the structuring of its various activities in African countries, the strategic communications consulting group Euros / Agency Group announces today the arrival of a new associate director, Ndeye Diarra Diobaye.

She will manage the main communications and PR missions on a continental scale, single or multi-countries operations and will coordinate the network of correspondents and future local offices of Euros / Agency Africa, which is in full expansion, with a focus on West Africa. The group already has an office in Casablanca, Morocco.


Ndeye began her career in journalism before turning to strategic communications and high-level event planning. A French and Senegalese citizen, she has worked in Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Senegal, Morocco and Ivory Coast.

During these different experiences, she has worked with governments in West and Central Africa and international organizations (such as the African Development Bank or the German International Cooperation Agency) in the development and implementation of communication strategies to support the promotion of investment and business opportunities in the infrastructure and new technology sectors. Alongside civil society and private sector organizations (such as Total and Sanofi, partners of Viva Technology or Facebook Africa), Ndeye Diarra led the production of content and events designed to promote the economic empowerment of women and the creation of opportunities for African youth.

Ndeye Diarra is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics.

Ndeye Diarra said: “Euros / Agency Africa is already recording some great achievements that will enable us to consolidate our foundations in 2021. I am delighted to bring my energy to this entrepreneurial adventure within a well-respected company that accurately measures the stakes, opportunities and responsibilities of a commitment to African markets.”

Mathieu Collet, president of Euros / Agency group declares: “Ndeye has a strong experience on the African continent, a legitimacy already established and a true entrepreneurial character. She is already piloting very nice pan-African missions. We are happy to welcome her among us to achieve the ambition to build an African and modern strategic communications offer with the highest standards on the market”.


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