Pauline Rivière

Senior Adviser

Fond of politics and convinced that a good influence strategy relies above all on a fine understanding of the major societal trends, Pauline joined Euros / Agency Group as a senior advisory consultant to work on executive support and public relations issues.

After a stint at the consulting firm ELABE, Pauline worked for three years at the agency Proches on public affairs, corporate communication and media relations missions. She participated in consulting missions for senior executives, public affairs and communication departments in various sectors (tech, medico-social, associations, education, energy, etc.), in the heart of institutions, ETIs and large groups.

Besides her professional activity, Pauline is also in charge of institutional relations for the association Sexe&Consentement which fights for education and awareness of sexual consent in higher education and the public space. She is also a volunteer in the network The Good Lobby France.

Pauline has a Master’s degree in Political and Parliamentary Work from the University of Paris-Nanterre and a law degree.

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