Hannah Landau

Deputy Head of the BRAND department

Hannah co-leads the BRAND department of Euros / Agency Group. Passionate about today’s major societal issues, Hannah brings her expertise in consumer communications and her strategic vision to companies on issues of image and reputation.

Hannah began her career in Los Angeles working with fashion and lifestyle brands on their visibility and brand awareness strategies.

Very quickly, her appetite for international business and for the Anglo-Saxon way of working led her to Auckland, New Zealand, where she joined a local PR agency for nearly 3 years. There, she worked on local accounts such as New Zealand Fashion Week, NZ Post or Auckland Art Fair, but also with international clients such as Aesop, Cathay Pacific or Magnum.

Back in France in 2019, Hannah has then joined the digital influence agency JIN, where her knowledge of societal trends and issues has allowed her to advise many leaders in their sectors such as Tinder, Duolingo or IONITY.

Hannah holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Influence from ISCOM Paris and a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication from the University of Bordeaux 3.

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