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In a few words

Euros / Agency is an independent consulting agency based both in Paris and Brussels, and with influence and communication strategies.

Since 2012, we have been working with public and private organisations in France, in Brussels and abroad, through high-quality and tailor-made support.

Committed to the results-based culture, methodological rigor and outspokenness, we team up with our clients over the long term to meet their image, reputation and public decision-making challenges.

Our areas of intervention cover all aspects of communication advisory, press relations, public diplomacy and national and European public affairs.

The Paris team

Why Euros / Agency

A new vision of our industries

Euros / Agency was founded in 2012 out of several observations, primarily that of a strong need to rejuvenate generations and approach to lobbying. In an economic, political and media world constantly changing, increasingly open and responsible, the expectations of clients are not the same. The same is true for their stakeholders, more numerous than ever, nimble and sophisticated.

Euros / Agency is convinced that client expectations have drastically evolved, both in terms of professional practice and in relation to the demand in results. The agency responds meticulously, with assiduousness, all underpinned by ethics and transparency. it trusts intelligent collaboration, rather than isolation, competence and confidence rather than superficial relations and rejects any conflicts of interest.

A set of essential expertise

As national and European issues are more complementary than ever, the methods of public affairs and communication at these two levels increasingly feed into one another. French domestic lobbying is becoming more technical, standardised; increasingly regulated, while fluid communication is gaining ground within the European institutions.

Few organisations are currently able to offer fully integrated and coordinated support at both French and European level. Euros / Agency does it, with the same quality standards.

The Brussels team
Xavier, Mathieu, Martin, partners

The excellence to offer the best alternative to traditional agencies

Euros / Agency aims to offer the highest level of service available on the market and is careful in selecting partners with the same vision. We foster a “boutique” approach, as close as possible to our clients, an offbeat approach and the conviction that nothing can be taken for granted.

We use the best techniques available on the various markets we work with, particularly those outside France, and keep a constant watch on innovative approaches. We also developed a number of digital tools for assessment and reporting that fit perfectly into the working habits of our clients and their teams.

9 reasons to choose us


A clear offer from the start

Our approach is based on a thorough analysis of the mission, the expression of our vision and the joint determination of a strategy before the beginning of each mission. We charge our missions on the basis of an upstream budget, without any surprises. We do not give hidden fees or demand overcharge on a time-spent basis.


An obsession with the result

Before each operation, we define our objectives and KPIs according to your expectations. We then provide you with tools that allow you to evaluate the work of our teams, quantitatively and qualitatively. And we adapt when necessary to achieve the goals.


A personalised and demanding approach to customer relations

We build trustworthy, direct and frank relationships with our customers and put their satisfaction at the heart of our requirements. Our teams are composed of experienced “advisers”, who are a far cry from the world of “com” jargon and stale industry practices, which we do not consider marks of professionalism.


An obsession with the operational side

We work in a methodical and rigorous manner. Our support is focused on implementation and taking into account the means of our customers. They are supported by our own proven methodologies to get the most out of their organisation. We keep the theory, illegible spreadsheets and large diagrams for us.


A truly European and multicultural agency

We accompany our clients throughout France, Brussels and the Belux region, as well as in Europe and beyond thanks to our network of partners. The language and the specificities of each market do not represent obstacles for us. Our employees are fluent in English, have professional experience abroad and are able to work in an international environment.


Experience and dynamism

For us, experience and rigour do not exclude dynamism, freshness or simplicity. On the contrary. We offer a detailed knowledge of influencers, media actors, powerholders and decision-makers, at the local, national and European levels. All this without fuss.


A responsive and available team

We attach the utmost importance to the flexibility of our organisation and create available permanent teams dedicated to our missions. Our team members remain stable and available to you throughout the mission. In addition, we guarantee that mission pilots will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the event of a crisis.


Overall interventions

Our advice is not limited to questions of image or communication. They take into account all aspects of your activities and cover all the means we deem necessary for the accomplishment of the mission, without limits.


Ethics, Transparency and Commitment

We support only organisations, companies and causes that are consistent with our ethical and integrity requirements. We refuse missions that we perceive to be contrary to the general interest, which may present conflicts of interest and which are not in line with our values. These requirements also apply to our own providers.

and Partners

Euros / Agency works in the long term and in trust with independent partners sharing the same level of quality and rigour.


Since 2001, Portland Communications has been advising governments, businesses and non-governmental organisations on communication and influence strategies in London, New York, Washington, Doha, Singapore and Nairobi.


VerA is an institutional relations consultancy based in Rome, considered a benchmark in terms of support for NGOs and companies in Italy and throughout Europe.

Harris Interactive

For 20 years, Harris Interactive has been a major player in the market research and opinion polling market, recognised for its innovation capacity and the high added value of its teams in France and internationally.